3D Art

This year long course is for anyone who has successfully completed Intro to Art and wishes to focus their learning and creating in a variety of 3-dimensional media.

Students will:

  • increase their understanding of advanced composition and techniques.

  • respond to relevant works of art from self, peers, and exemplars.

  • use many different media to create original, high-quality, relevant pieces of art.


  • Tromp L'eoil Fruit

  • Realistic clay animal

  • Sphere

  • Slab Box

  • Raku-fired vase

  • Wheel thrown mug

  • Personal Logo

  • 3D story

  • Transformed Soles

Select a project below to learn more

Personal Logo

Realistic Animal

Slab Box

Matched Set


Foam Carving

Wheel thrown pottery

Coiled Bowl


Raku Vase